Meghan Carraher is an educator and industry influencer. After over 16 years in the beauty industry, she has created a system for salon professionals known as The Diamond Standard for Salon Professionals.  In a modern yet approachable style, she consults with salon and spa owners as well as independent salon stylists. Meghan assists stylists in confidently elevating the guest experience while implementing an individualized achievable plan for successful hairdressing.
 The emphasis on enhancing visuals and service driven techniques for staff guarantees the very best guest experience, every time.
Dual Licensed and vast experience in multiple platforms in the industry established in 2001, Meghan has opened up the wheelhouse to share her joy with others behind the chair as an independent educator.
Additionally, Meghan is an a part of an education team led by her mentor a stylist and chemist to global manufacturers and well known industry leader.  Meghan enjoys facilitating unbranded education privately and with the team of artists.

Hosting group events for independent contractors, students, corporate salon events, Meghan specializes in putting the "bling" on education.  Her joy is being your one on one cheerleader, sharing her proven personalized strategies and sparks colorful ways to grow.
Meghan's "So Cal Signature Style"  method of blonding and color is a coveted deck of techniques and can be taught one on one or in intimate group settings for best results.
Strategy talks, personal and business development, salon design audit, look and learn, zoom or web platforms and hands on classes are available.

 Coaching stylists to gracefully level up their confidence is key in sharing how to truly live passion out loud and always results in the best possible guest experience.
The service industry is exactly that, an honor and a duty to serve others.

To reserve a class or private with Meghan Carraher, book directly through the email concierge "Contact" tab, and title subject line "Educator"